Treasure Island

Robert Louis Stevenson
Penguin Popular Classics
Sayfa s.

'I was going to sea myself; in a schooner with pigtailed singing seamen ... to seek for buried treasures!'

When a rum-soaked old buccaneer expires at the Admiral Benhow Inn, young Jim Hawkins finds on him the key to Captain Flint's chest. Concealed in the chest is a treasure-map sought by Flint's condereates, including the sinister blind Pew, but Jim manages to outwit them all and secure the map for himself. So beings his seafaring adventure, but mutiny, piracy and bloodshed are to beset Jim and his fellow travellers before the treasure can be found...

Stevenson's tale of high adventure and suspense has captured the imagination of the public since its first compelling narrative it continues to enthral generations of readers of all ages.
(Arka Kapak)

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